Wednesday, July 11, 2012

At the Top of the Marquee

The Rolling Stones took the opportunity to return to the Marquee, the club in London where they played their first show fifty years ago.  The band posed for photographer Rankin to take a portrait in front of the club.

Their first live outing, on July 12, 1962, was at the legendary Oxford Street venue. At the time they were billed as The Rollin’ Stones.

Of course, the only remaining members from that gig are Keith and Mick. The band who played the first show likely consisted of Brian Jones on guitar, Dick Taylor on bass (who continues to play in The Pretty Things), Ian Stewart on keys (who was no longer a part of the band after 1963 but became their road manager) and Tony Chapman on drums (who went on to play for The Preachers and with Peter Frampton).

The photo is part of the their 50th anniversary celebrations, which have already resulted in forthcoming a hardback book, a new logo and is rumoured to include a world tour (back in May tickets appeared on The Guardian for September UK shows) .

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