Friday, July 30, 2010

Today In Oldies 7/30/10

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A BOATLOAD of "American Idol" news, including......

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Where in the World is..........Melissa Manchester? 

Melissa Manchester charted several late 70's and early 80's hits, but she also has dozens of TV and film credits as an actress as well as being a writer on several other hit songs, most notably Kenny Loggins & Stevie Nicks's Top 5 duet "Whenever I Call You Friend". 

Discovered by Bette Midler and Barry Manilow in the early 70's, her first hit came with "Midnight Blue", which hit #6 in 1975. She hit the Billboard Top 10 twice more, in 1979 with "Don't Cry Out Loud" (#10) and her biggest hit, 1982's "You Should Hear How She Talks About You" (#5). 

Throughout the 80's and 90's, Manchester alternated between music and acting, with film credits including her mentor Bette Midler's "For The Boys" and TV appearances including "General Hospital" and "Blossom". 

Today, she has returned to her roots in musical theater, most notably starring in a Los Angeles-based production of "Sweeney Todd" with Kelsey Grammer ("Frasier"), and a Chicago production of "Hats", a musical she co-wrote.  She is still actively touring as well. 

She should hear how we're talking about her :-) ..........and now, a vintage clip from Solid Gold circa 1982......


Golden Hits Radio's Burning Question of the Day

Which band was voted "Most popular in America" in a Gallup poll in June of 1977?

Leave a Comment on "Everything Oldies" with your answer, and come back Monday (8/2/10) to get the answer! 


Yesterday's Burning Question of the Day

Which song from the movie "Grease" was recorded and added to the movie AFTER production had wrapped?

Answer: "Hopelessly Devoted To You" -- Producers of the movie felt Olivia Newton-John needed more screen time after seeing a finished cut.  The result was a #3 smash that was nominated for a Best Original Song Oscar in 1978!! 


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today In Oldies 7/29/2010

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Where Are They Now? - The Stampeders

The Stampeders were a Canadian act who began as The Rebounds in 1965.  The name change came a year later, but chart success both in the U.S. and their native land eluded them until 1971 when "Sweet City Woman" took North America by storm.  It hit #1 in Canada and #8 the U.S.  It was also named Song of the Year at the Juno Awards, the Canadian equivalent of the Grammys.

Contrary to popular belief, The Stampeders are NOT a one hit wonder in America.  Their cover of "Hit The Road, Jack" featuring Wolfman Jack dented the U.S. Top 40 (as in #40) in 1975.

The Stampeders broke up in 1977, but reformed in 1992 and continue to keep an active touring schedule around Canada.  Find more on the Stampeders website here.  And re-live their heyday @ Everything Oldies below.......

Golden Hits Radio's Burning Question of the Day

Which song from the movie "Grease" was recorded and added to the movie AFTER production had wrapped?

Come back to Everything Oldies tomorrow for the answer!!!

Yesterday's Burning Question & Answer

Who provided the inspiration for Michael Jackson's signature dance, the Moonwalk?

Answer: Marcel Marceau


    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    Today in Oldies 7/28/2010

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    Oldies On TV Tonight:
    • Ron Dante (The Archies, etc.) - Late Show With David Letterman - CBS

    Where Are They Now?........The Buckinghams

    The Buckinghams formed in Chicago in 1966.  They broke through nationally in 1967 with "Kind of a Drag", their first major label single, hitting #1.  They hit the Top 10 twice more in '67 with "Don't You Care" and "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy".  Following a revolving door of band members and producers in the following years, they called it quits by 1970. 
      A group of three original members re-formed as The Buckinghams in 1980 and have been actively                 touring ever since.  Find the latest news on The Buckinghams on their website.  And enjoy this clip                 from a REALLY big gig they've played in the past 18 months........


      Golden Hits Radio's Burning Question of the Day (check "Everything Oldies" tomorrow for the answer).......

      Who provided the inspiration for Michael Jackson's signature dance move, the Moonwalk?

      Take your best shot at an answer by leaving a Comment!!

      Tuesday, July 27, 2010

      The Story Behind The Music

      Don't know what took me so long...but tonight I finally got around to watching The Buddy Holly Story.  Movies like that help you to appreciate the great artists and their music and it was particularly eye opening to me because Holly's music was really before my time.

      I have often heard how he is considered one of the pioneers of rock and roll and now I can see more clearly why he is held in such high esteem.  Remarkably his career lasted on 1 1/2 years.  He truly was an extraordinary talent as a vocalist, record producer, song writer, and band leader.

      If there is a lesson to be learned from his life it is that he was successful because he remained true to himself.  He didn't let the recording industry change him....he changed the industry. 

      If you haven't seen the might want to check it out.  Good stuff, especially if you're a fan of oldies.  His legendary status is well deserved.

      Now...don't be surprised if you hear an extra Buddy Holly tune slipped into rotation on GHR.

      More New Oldies

      More New Oldies may sound like an oxymoron but's a truism in regard to the music programming at Golden Hits Radio.  We take your suggestions and requests very seriously and regularly add new oldies to the rotation.  In the last few days we have added a list of your requested favorites to further add to the variety played on Golden Hits Radio.

      Live Talent Is Coming!

      Within the next two months we'll be gradually adding live shows into our programming.  We're excited to have some veterans of terrestrial radio wars on our team.  On the team will be Shane Wilson who has had a successful career at several Birmingham, Alabama stations.  Also from Birmingham is Dave Mack who was part of the popular morning duo, Mark and Mack.  Longtime Philadelphia morning personality Scott Evans will be part of our team.  To bring a little extra fun to mornings on Golden Hits Radio we're bringing back Burt and Kurt who have entertained morning radio audiences for years in Jackson, MS, Tampa, FL, Houston, Tx, and Birmingham, AL. 

      Although we'll be adding personality the music will remain our primary focus.  We'll be striving for a little extra fun and a more personal approach to oldies radio.

      Like It Used To Be

      There was a time when radio stations really took requests.  Most of our requests come in at night and I try to play them when I can find them.  More importantly, it's just fun to dig a little deeper and play some songs that I haven't heard in years.  Some of you are teaching this old dog some new tricks and opening my ears to some new oldies.  Imagine oldies.

      Having an international audience really opens the door for some interesting requests.  Thanks for your input.  I'm having a ball.

      Where To From Here

      In the last 2 weeks listenership and visits to our website have exploded to the point that I am now having to consider expanding our product. 

      Although such growth is exciting it is also expensive.  More listeners means more broadcast costs due to our licensing requirements but I remain committed to commercial and subscription free radio.  Your support through taking advantage of discount product offerings in our web store is greatly appreciated.  Help us when you can.

      Songs That Take You Somewhere

      Songs have a way of attaching themselves to times, places, and events in our lives.  A few minutes ago GHR was play Jewel Akins hit, The Birds and the Bees.  Hearing that song takes me back to a street I used to walk on when visiting a friend.   He and I played ball together so I would stop by his house before heading to the ball field. 

      Before Jewel Akins we played "Close to You" by the Carpenters which has to be one of the all time great date songs.  As I'm writing this we're playing "Space Race" by Billy Preston which takes me back to my days at WSGN in Birmingham, AL.

      What about you?  Where do the songs we play take you?

      Keep It Or Can It?

      A few weeks ago I had a brain storm.  I thought....that it would be good to showcase the great slow songs from our oldies library.  So...I plugged them in from 6 am to noon on Sunday mornings and from 11 PM to 1 AM weeknights.  It's my wife's favorite hours of our programming.  But then that what you want? 

      One of the challenges with broadcasting to an international audience is's always prime time somewhere.  So, at least for web radio....I'm not certain that dayparted programming has any real value.  What do you think?  Keep the Easy Oldies hours....or can them?

      Record Breaking Day

      Thanks so much for yesterday.  It was our biggest day yet for the number of listeners, time spent listening, and visits to our website. 

      Currently playing....Bobby Vinton and There I've Said It Again.  As a teen I once aspired to sound like Bobby and this was one of my favorite songs.  Never made it as a I became a DJ instead.

      Intentional Trainwrecks

      I don't know who originally coined the phrase "train wreck" as it applies to music programming.  Essentially it refers to breaking traditional music programming practices.  Songs and artists are inserted in the mix that don't seem to belong kind of like music is added to an IPOD.

      I say all that to let you know that we are breaking some of the rules that have traditionally been applied to oldies formats.  True enough, we play the hits...but we play them liberally with minimum repetition and maximum variety.

      My granddaughter is a good example of the way kids and teens listen to music.  Just as she can listen to the same Miley Cyrus tunes over and could I listen to The Trashmen sing The Surfing Bird ad nauseum when I was a bopper.  As adults we are more receptive to music repetition in moderation.  Besides....there's just too many great oldies to leave them gathering dust on the shelf. borrow a slogan from our friends at Outback..... "no rules - just right."

      Yes We REALLY Take Requests

      Our request system is pretty simple and so far it has worked like a charm.  Just fill out the form on our home page.  Generally....if we have the song you'll hear your request within the hour.  Obviously, your request has to be an oldie and something that we have in our library.  So far we've been able to fill most requests.

      Another good thing about your requests is that if we don't have it and it would be a valuable addition to our playlist we'll hunt it down and make it a part of our programming. 

      Just played a request for "Somethings Burning" by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition.  It was a song that I had pulled off the playlist because of the sound quality.  However....since it was a valid song that a listener wanted....I purchased the tune and put it into rotation.  Your input really helps.