Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yes We REALLY Take Requests

Our request system is pretty simple and so far it has worked like a charm.  Just fill out the form on our home page.  Generally....if we have the song you'll hear your request within the hour.  Obviously, your request has to be an oldie and something that we have in our library.  So far we've been able to fill most requests.

Another good thing about your requests is that if we don't have it and it would be a valuable addition to our playlist we'll hunt it down and make it a part of our programming. 

Just played a request for "Somethings Burning" by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition.  It was a song that I had pulled off the playlist because of the sound quality.  However....since it was a valid song that a listener wanted....I purchased the tune and put it into rotation.  Your input really helps.


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