Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Intentional Trainwrecks

I don't know who originally coined the phrase "train wreck" as it applies to music programming.  Essentially it refers to breaking traditional music programming practices.  Songs and artists are inserted in the mix that don't seem to belong kind of like music is added to an IPOD.

I say all that to let you know that we are breaking some of the rules that have traditionally been applied to oldies formats.  True enough, we play the hits...but we play them liberally with minimum repetition and maximum variety.

My granddaughter is a good example of the way kids and teens listen to music.  Just as she can listen to the same Miley Cyrus tunes over and over....so could I listen to The Trashmen sing The Surfing Bird ad nauseum when I was a bopper.  As adults we are more receptive to music repetition in moderation.  Besides....there's just too many great oldies to leave them gathering dust on the shelf.

So...to borrow a slogan from our friends at Outback..... "no rules - just right."

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