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Today In Oldies 8/27/2010

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Where In The World Is.........Peggy March? 

The name on her birth certificate reads "Margaret Annemarie Battavio", but as Peggy March, she remains the youngest female singer ever to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.  Born March 8, 1948 in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, she was only 14 when "I Will Follow Him" became a smash, also hitting #1 in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Scandinavia.  After two more minor Top 40 hits, she all but disappeared from radio airwaves and record stores in America, but as with other American artists, her career continued to thrive overseas. 

Throughout the 70's and even today, Peggy March is still a major star in Germany......sort of the female David Hasselhoff, if you will.  She has represented Germany in the famous Eurovision Song Contest twice, placing second in both competitions.  A look at her 70's discography shows that most of her music from that era was sung in German. 

Currently, Peggy March is active on the touring circuit, primarily in Las Vegas and at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater in Branson, Missouri.  Her most recent recording activity includes a 2005 standards album, Get Happy, and Meine Liebe ist stark genug in 2008.  In March, she began work on her first album of all original material in English in over 30 years.  Look for Always and Forever in record stores in October 2010.  And catch up with her on her official website here

In the meantime, enjoy the hit that made Peggy March a teen idol, if only for a minute.......

Golden Hits Radio's Burning Question of the Day

In Bobbie Gentry's classic song "Ode To Bille Joe", what was it that the song's "narrator" and Billie Joe McAllister threw off the Tallahatchie Bridge? 

Check back Monday (8/30/2010) for the answer (such as it is), and leave a Comment with your best guess!

What was the only song to ever hit #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 TWICE( happened 2 years apart)

Answer: Chubby Checker's "The Twist" week in 1960 and two weeks in 1962.  ***SIDE NOTE***  9 other songs have hit number one twice with versions by 2 different artists.  See the list of those by clicking here

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