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Where In The World Is.......Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds? 

While their name sounds like the law firm you'd call if you were injured in an automobile accident or denied your Social Security claim, Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds were actually a musical trio that emerged from a 60's group called the T-Bones.  "Hamilton" was Dan Hamilton, "Joe Frank" was Joe Frank Carollo, and "Reynolds" was Tommy Reynolds. 

Following their stint with the T-Bones, they signed with Dunhill Records in 1970.  Their first single became their first smash hit.  "Don't Pull Your Love" hit #4 on the Billboard Pop Singles Chart and sold a million copies in America.  Following a few follow up Top 40 singles, they released 2 albums that neither sold well nor produced hit singles, and they were dropped by Dunhill.  In a very unusual marketing maneuver, Tommy Reynolds left the band in 1972 and was replaced by Alan Dennison.  Interestingly, and perhaps to try and capitalize on what little name recognition they had at the time to secure another record deal, they continued on as Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds. 

Keeping the name proved to be a shrewd move, as they were picked up by Playboy Records.  A few months later, they had another massive hit.  "Fallin' In Love" hit #1 and was another million seller for the group.  Success this time proved to be as fleeting as the first time, however, as follow up singles and two albums (the latter of which saw the group's name finally change to "Hamilton, Joe Frank and Dennison") went nowhere.  In 1980, they disbanded permanently. 

Dan Hamilton became ill in 1993 and was diagnosed with Cushing's syndrome.  He died in December 1994.  Joe Frank Carollo is out of the music business and living in Santa Monica, California.  His son, Joey Newman, is a composer of film scores for 20th Century Fox.  Alan Dennison is also out of the music business.  At least one unconfirmed source states that Tommy Reynolds entered the ministry in the 70's. 

If you've been exposed to bad music, you have rights!  Contact the musical firm of Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds below and get results.......

Golden Hits Radio and GHR-2's Burning Question of the Day

In 1975, a group called The Ocean Liners changed their name.  With their new name, their first single hit #1!  What was that new name?

Check back @ Everything Oldies Monday (10/4/2010) for the answer, and leave a Comment with your best guess!

Yesterday's Burning Question (and Answer) of the Day

What Oscar winning actor can be seen briefly in the music video for Madonna's 1987 hit "La Isla Bonita"?

Answer: Benicio del Toro, who won Best Supporting Actor for his role in Traffic in 2001

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