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Where In The World Is........Mr. Mister?

It takes guts for anyone to turn down TWO different offers to join one of two of music's biggest bands as lead singer, especially when it involves remaining in a band who hadn't yet had a hit.  Richard Page took the gamble and said no to replace Bobby Kimball as lead singer of Toto in 1984, and later, he said "no thanks" to replace Peter Cetera as frontman for Chicago.  He chose to stick with the band he formed in 1980, Mr. Mister.  It was a big risk, but a year later, there would be a big payoff. 

Mr. Mister was formed in Phoenix, Arizona in the late 70's.  The founding members were Page and Steve George.  The two had already carved out successful careers as songwriters and background vocalists, working for a wide range of artists including Michael Jackson, Kenny Loggins, Laura Branigan, and The Village People.  By 1984, they picked up additional members Steve Farris and Pat Mastelotto and released their first album, "I Wear The Face".  The album sold poorly and failed to produce a hit single, but Richard Page's vocal work didn't go unnoticed.  He received the offers to join both Toto and Chicago and turned them down.  Just as everyone began to think Richard Page had made a huge mistake, success came in a big way. 

The band's second album, "Welcome To The Real World", proved to be their breakthrough.  The first two singles, "Broken Wings" and "Kyrie", were chart topping smashes in the U.S. and Canada and Top 10 hits around the globe.  The third single, "Is It Love", also hit the U.S. Top 10, peaking at #8.  The music videos for those songs aired in heavy rotation on MTV, and along with platinum sales for the album came 2 Grammy nominations. 

Success would prove to be short-lived for Mr. Mister, however.  The follow up album, "Go On", produced only one minor Top 40 hit ("Something Real").  Before recording was finished on their fourth album, "Pull", they were dropped by RCA Records, leaving the album unreleased to this day.  By 1989, Mr. Mister was finished. 

The end of the band did not mean the end of careers for the members of Mr. Mister.  Richard Page has released several solo albums and one album with a new band, Third Matinee, in 1994.  He has also written several hit songs for other artists.  Steve George has served as musical director for both Kenny Loggins and Jewel.  Steve Farris has worked with a diverse roster of artists as session player, writer, and background vocalist.  Pat Mastelotto has also worked with an extensive group of artists and, since 1994, has been a member of progressive rock pioneers King Crimson.  Mr. Mister has also been brought back to the top of the public's mind by being mentioned in the 2009 pop smash "Hey Soul Sister" by Train. 

Translated from Greek as "Oh Lord, Have Mercy", here was the moment where lightning struck twice for Mr. Mister........

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If you had bought a record from one of Motown's signature acts under their original name, the label would have read "The Primettes".  By what name do we know them better? 

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