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Today In Oldies 11/8/11

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Use Your Head

This week in 1968, a group who had been cast in the teen idol mold on TV and on the music charts attempted to make a radical departure from that image.  The results were nothing short of disastrous. 

The Monkees had been a hit with both record buyers and TV audiences as sort of a made-for-TV Beatles, but the lack of respect that went along with it (like the moniker "Prefab Four" given to them by one critic) left them feeling they needed a vehicle to shed the squeaky clean image and be taken seriously by a changing musical audience.  With the help of one of the producers of their TV show, Bob Rafelson, and none other than co-writer and co-producer Jack Nicholson, they set out to change their image. 

The result of their effort was a feature film called Head.  It was part concert film and part collection of random images, most of which depicted the events of the era, i.e. the Vietnam War.  There was no plot to speak of and a series of random cameos from celebrities as diverse as Dennis Hopper, Annette Funicello, and boxer Sonny Liston.  It is definitely a product of its time, and critics and audiences didn't get it. 

Head marked the unofficial end of The Monkees, with an abysmal box office gross and its accompanying soundtrack album failing to reach the Top 50.  It has found a cult following through the years, however, with VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray video releases. 

Would you have gone to see Head in theaters this week in 1968 based on this trailer?


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