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Where In The World Is.......Brewer & Shipley?

In the short time that Brewer & Shipley were a force on the charts and had their names uttered regularly by DJs and the record buying public, they somehow managed to go from famous to notorious thanks to landing on a rather famous "list" that actually brought them as much attention as their one brief moment in the music spotlight.  They wreaked quite a bit of havoc for a one hit wonder! 

Brewer & Shipley's beginnings were innocuous enough.  They crossed paths numerous times in the Midwest playing various coffeehouses before deciding to team up, move to Los Angeles, and focus on songwriting.  They released two albums with little success, and in spite of having hugely successful friends from groups including Buffalo Springfield and The Association, they moved away from L.A., and by the time success finally hit, they were in the rock & roll hotbed of Kansas City, Missouri. 

Their third album, Tarkio (named after a regular gig they were playing at the time in Tarkio, Missouri), provided their national breakthrough.  A song that was written as a joke and something of an afterthought became a Top 10 hit, and got the attention of the White House in the wrong way.  "One Toke Over The Line" has a very unique distinction as being possibly the only hit song ever officially condemned by the Vice President of the United States (Spiro Agnew) as being "subversive to American youth" while being performed the same week on one of the most family friendly TV shows of all time, The Lawrence Welk Show.  On top of that, Lawrence Welk himself referred to the song as a "spiritual" following its performance!  Who knew that one song could attract so much attention, both positive and negative? 

The controversy over "One Toke Over The Line" didn't generate any more hits for Brewer & Shipley.  Separately, they collaborated with many superstars after they decided to split apart, including Stephen Stills, Bruce Springsteen, and (interestingly) Black Sabbath.  They regrouped in 1989 for a one-off gig, and continue to write, record, and play live periodically.  Michael Brewer lives outside of Branson, Missouri.  Tom Shipley is the director of distance learning at Missouri University of Science & Technology in Rolla, Missouri. 

Funny that in 1970, a duo that Richard Nixon's White House considered public enemies were choir boys according to Lawrence Welk.  Here's proof from a rare clip from The Lawrence Welk Show......

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