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Where In The World Is........Katrina & The Waves?

All one hit wonders aren't created equal.  Some hits come and go and are quickly forgotten.  Others are infectious and timeless.  Such is the case with Katrina & The Waves, yet another in a long line of artists who had to go to England to become stars in the U.S.

Katrina & The Waves emerged from the remnants of two bands, The Waves and Mama's Cookin'.  They were eventually led by an American import, singer Katrina Leskanic.  They took on the moniker The Waves and released a single and an EP in England before renaming themselves Katrina & The Waves. 

Their initial taste of success across the Atlantic came in Canada, which landed them their initial record deal, with their first album released only in Canada.  Their debut album gained enough attention and radio airplay for a Canadian tour.  In 1984, the major American labels began to take notice.  Capitol Records eventually landed them, and they would soon have an international smash!

Their first worldwide release on Capitol consisted of ten songs previously found on other British and Canadian-only releases.  The second single, "Walking On Sunshine", propelled Katrina & The Waves into the stratosphere.  It was a Top 10 U.S. & UK hit, and has become a timeless classic used frequently in TV commercials, series, and feature films.  It is estimated that the song generates millions of dollars per year in licensing fees.  Another Top 40 American hit followed, "Do You Want Crying".

Success on both sides of the pond was limited after that for a number of years, with only a handful of minor British hits.  In 1997, the band made a roaring British comeback, charting a Top 5 UK hit that was their entry in the Eurovision Song Contest.  "Love Shine A Light" won the contest in a major way, and hit #3 on the UK singles chart.  The latest round of success would prove to be as short-lived as the first.  Following legal battles and the departure of Katrina Leskanic from the band, Katrina & The Waves were kaput in 1999.  The individual members continue to record, and 2010 brought a new "wave" of re-releases to commemorate the 25th anniversary of "Walking On Sunshine".

In spite of the fact that you may have heard it more than once already today, here's the hit that Katrina & The Waves rode to international stardom.........

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