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Where In The World Is.......Joey Scarbury

By 1981, Joey Scarbury had had just about every bad break the music business had to offer.  Heavyweights in the music business like songwriter Jimmy Webb couldn't make him a star.  Discovered by Webb's father at 14, he signed a recording contract shortly thereafter releasing a single that flopped and quickly got him dropped from the record label.  He had been relegated to the background for the most part when the chance to record a TV theme song came calling.  He jumped at the chance, and for a moment, it made him a star. 

Throughout the 1970's, Joey Scarbury was primarily a Nashville-based backup vocalist for the likes of Loretta Lynn and others.  He tried flying solo occasionally, but his only flirtation with success was a minor hit, "Mixed Up Guy", in 1971.  In contrast, Mike Post was the go-to guy when a TV producer needed a theme song that could double as a chart hit.  He had already invaded the Billboard Hot 100 with the themes to the hit cop shows The Rockford Files and Hill Street Blues.  This time, producer Stephen J. Cannell was putting a show on the air about a very different sort of superhero.  Called The Greatest American Hero, this time post put words with the theme, whereas his other two hit theme songs had been instrumentals.  When he needed a voice for that song, he chose Joey Scarbury, and the collaboration was a smash!  "Theme from The Greatest American Hero (Believe It Or Not)" hit #2 in 1981, and Joey Scarbury was suddenly a household name heard by millions of radio listeners AND TV viewers each week. 

The wonder would be limited to one hit, however, as he never again hit the Top 40, but that was not the end for Joey Scarbury.  He teamed up again with Mike Post for another theme song, this time for Stephen J. Cannell's action series Hardcastle and McCormick.  He also would do one more theme song for a short-lived sitcom, Jennifer Slept Here

By the late 80's, his focus turned to songwriting, which brought big success in the country genre.  His country hits have included "No Matter How High" by the Oak Ridge Boys and Kenny Rogers' "Love Will Turn You Around".  Today, he remains active as a songwriter and backup singer working primarily in Nashville. 

From an appearance on Solid Gold in 1981.........

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What was the last instrumental hit to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100?

Answer: Jan Hammer's "Theme From 'Miami Vice'" in 1985


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