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Today In Oldies 12/29/2010

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The Gift Of Music

This week, Everything Oldies will spotlight hit songs written by one music superstar and performed by another.  In some cases, the writer of the song had the artist in mind when putting pen to paper, and in others, they had someone else in mind when the song was written and were advised to keep it for themselves.  In any case, the artist made it his (or her) own and fully realized the writer's vision.

Today, we celebrate the songs of a true musical genius who became hits for others, and one of his own that he kept for himself after initially writing it for someone else.  Stevie Wonder has shared his wealth of songs with several artists over the years, with smash hits as a result. 

  • Stevie once surprised the group Rufus (featuring Chaka Khan) with a song he had written for them.  Chaka wasn't fond of it and told him "no thanks".  He wouldn't leave without giving them a song they liked to record, and he essentially wrote this one on the spot in the studio after asking Chaka Khan for her astrological sign.  The result was a hit bigger than anything either artist imagined........

  • Smokey Robinson's only #1 hit w/ The Miracles came from an idea Stevie Wonder had, which he presented to Smokey at a Motown Christmas party.  Smokey liked it but suggested a new theme since what he heard sounded like a circus.  You can probably see where this is going........

  • One of Stevie Wonder's biggest hits was one he originally wrote for and planned to give to someone else.  He was impressed with the music of ex-Yardbirds guitar virtuoso Jeff Beck and wrote this song for him.  Stevie's manager wisely told him he had a smash hit and would be better off keeping it for himself.  He listened, and the result is a classic........

Golden Hits Radio & GHR-2's Burning Question of the Day

Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers were a Motown act who had a minor hit with "Does Your Mama Know About Me" in 1965.  That song was co-written by the group's guitarist who later became part of a wildly successful comedy duo.  Who is he?

Check back tomorrow @ Everything Oldies for the answer, and leave a comment here with your best guess!

Yesterday's Burning Question (and Answer) of the Day

The legendary Chess record label changed their name in 1965 to avoid confusion with another British label.  What was their new name?

Answer: Cadet Records

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