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Where In The World Is......The Paris Sisters?

You've heard of parents who live vicariously through their children?  Such is the case with The Paris Sisters, who were introduced to music following their mother giving up her career as an opera singer.  Fortunately, the sisters took to the recording studio and concert stage, and the result was several 60's hits.  One of them also has a tie to an American television institution following her music career. 

Albeth, Priscilla, and Sherrell Paris grew up in San Francisco, California.  When their mother quit her own career as a singer with the San Francisco Milano Opera Company, she made it her mission to make stars of her daughters in music.  Their first taste of the spotlight came when another female superstar group, The Andrews Sisters, invited them to join them onstage.  They wowed the crowd with their rendition of the Andrews Sisters' "Rum and Coca Cola". 

Oddly, at the ages of 15, 10, and 9, and clearly afoul of child labor laws, The Paris Sisters began a regular engagement in Las Vegas, appearing between midnight and 7:00 a.m.  Their father worked at the hospital where the sisters were born and had altered their birth certificates.  The sisters were "glammed up" to look older, and during this stint they performed alongside both Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. 

While performing the lounge act, The Paris Sisters bounced around with more than one record label, and more than one unsuccessful single.  In 1961, they were introduced through an intermediary to a hot young producer who was knocked out by their harmonies and vowed to make them stars.  His name?  Phil Spector. 

Spector produced all 3 of the group's Top 40 hits, but the biggest would prove to be "I Love How You Love Me".  It was a Top 5 smash in October 1961.  Two other hits followed, just denting the Top 40, "All Through The Night" and "He Knows I Love Him Too Much".  A completed album produced by Spector mysteriously disappeared from the offices of Gregmark Records, their record label, and the inability to continue their career momentum effectively ended the run of success.  Six years, one album, and several unsuccessful singles later, The Paris Sisters were done. 

Albeth became an independent TV producer.  Priscilla moved to Paris, where she became a motivational speaker in both French and English catering primarily to hotel employees.  She has recorded a few solo albums over the years as well.  Sherrell also took one more shot at musical stardom, forming a new group called Sherrell Paris and the New People, who toured until the late 70's.  She later became best known for being a part of one of the most successful TV shows of all time.  She became an executive assistant to legendary game show host Bob Barker on The Price Is Right, keeping that job until 2000 when she was let go amid a flurry of staff changes resulting from several harassment lawsuits against Barker. 

With no TV appearances of any kind, we'll have to settle for this clip to celebrate The Paris Sisters' defining moment......

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Who initially rejected a song that later became a #1 hit for her because she said the guitar tracks "sounded too much like a Beatles song"?

Answer: Linda Ronstadt originally said no to........"You're No Good" 


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