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Today In Oldies 12/17/2010

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A Shot At The Title

All this week, Everything Oldies will play "What if?", as we spotlight songs with their original working titles.  Imagine what a different world we'd live in if the most covered song of all time were The Beatles' classic, "Scrambled Eggs".....which was the original working title of......"Yesterday".  Enjoy the stories behind the titles.....and why they changed.

  • This Doobie Brothers classic had several different names before it was officially recorded and released.  Lead singer and songwriter Tom Johnston explained that it began as a song with no real lyrics, merely providing filler on the group's set list in their early days playing live.  Names for the song included "Osborne" and "Parliament".  Upon signing with Warner Brothers Records, producer Ted Templeman heard the song and suggested they should cut it.  At that point, Johnston gave the song some lyrics built around a transportation theme, and the song with multiple names finally settled on a permanent one.......

  • With this song, we can safely declare that not only would it have never been a #1 hit under its original title, it likely would have never received the first spin on a radio station turntable.  The song was born on New Year's Eve 1977, when two members of Chic, Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, were denied entrance into New York's legendary Studio 54.  They were just beginning to break big, and at least two of their songs, "Dance, Dance, Dance" and "Everybody Dance", were staples of the club's playlist.  Dejected, they returned to Rodgers' apartment and began to write a song in protest of the club and what had happened.  In their furor, they began to chant "Ahhhh, f--- off!" as the basis for, and title of, the song.  Later that night, they wisely decided against naming the song "F-- Off" when Rodgers came up with "Ahhhhhh, freak out!"  Those were the first words of a song that became a smash that hit #1 three different times as.......

  • Paul McCartney's song about a lonely old woman he encountered growing up in England was written with the working title "Miss Daisy Hawkins".  The title under which we know and love it is a combination of an actress's first name and the name of a wine and spirit shipping center.  According to Rolling Stone, when McCartney first played it for his neighbor, singer Donovan ("Sunshine Superman", "Mellow Yellow"), the lyrics were "Ola Na Tungee, blowing his mind in the dark with a pipe full of clay."  Bear in mind that many "mind expanding" substances were being used in those days.  The actress in question is Eleanor Bron.  The shipping center was named Rigby and Evens Ltd Wine and Spirit Shipper.  And the hit for The Beatles became............

Golden Hits Radio and GHR-2's Burning Question of the Day

Who was the first artist to have three consecutive double albums hit #1 on the Billboard album charts?

Check back Monday @ Everything Oldies for the answer, and leave a comment here with your best guess!

Yesterday's Burning Question (and Answer) of the Day

Over the course of its 8-year run on TV, Solid Gold had a total of 5 different hosts.  Name three.

Answer: Dionne Warwick, Marilyn McCoo, Andy Gibb (co-host w/ McCoo), Rex Smith (co-host w/ McCoo), and Rick Dees


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