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Today In Oldies 3/22/2011

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What's In A Name? 

Welcome to the latest in our series of Everything Oldies Games!  We call this one "What's In A Name?".  We'll give you the origin of a band's name heard every day at either Golden Hits Radio or GHR-2, and you fill in the blank with the name of the band.  The answers will appear in the next day's edition of Everything Oldies.

  • This 80's duo's name came in one of its' members dreams ___________________________
  • This 70's group came from a town in Michigan randomly selected on a map as they were looking for a name _______________________
  • The name of this 60's supergroup was a combination of three different sources: a friend of one of the band members, a beer commercial, and the renewed commitment the band members made to each other after a lack of early success _________________________________


Answers to the Monday (3/21/2011) What's In A Name?

1) While most may assume this group took their name from the initials of the three brothers who comprised it, it actually was inspired by the initials of two men influential in the early part of their careers. ________________________________________

The Bee Gees......after disc jockeys Bill Goode and racetrack promoter Bill Gates


2) This band of Rock & Roll Hall of Famers' name is a variation on the name of one of their high school teachers _______________________

Lynyrd Skynyrd (after high school teacher Leonard Skinner)


3) The name of this band of reggae superstars is also an official British government form for filing for unemployment benefits ______________

Unemployment Benefit Form 40, or.........UB40



Golden Hits Radio & GHR-2's Burning Question of the Day

What was the last album released commercially in the 8-track tape format?

Check back tomorrow at Everything Oldies for the answer, and leave a comment here with your best guess!

Yesterday's Burning Question (and Answer) of the Day

In 1980, a man with a gun holed himself up inside the Los Angeles offices of Asylum Records demanding to talk to one of two superstar acts on their roster at the time.  Which two artists (one solo artist and one band) did he demand to see?

Answer: Jackson Browne and The Eagles.  Neither were in the building that day, so the man eventually gave himself up to police.   



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