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Today In Oldies 3/25/2011

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What's In A Name? 

Welcome to the latest in our series of Everything Oldies Games!  We call this one "What's In A Name?".  We'll give you the origin of a band's name heard every day at either Golden Hits Radio or GHR-2, and you fill in the blank with the name of the band.  The answers will appear in the next day's edition of Everything Oldies.

  • This band's name came from the river of death found in Greek mythology _______________
  • This band took their name from a novel by Herman Hesse _______________
  • According to one of this band's members, their name was a parody of the names blues musicians used to give themselves, i.e. "Blind Lemon Jefferson" ______________________


Answers to the Thursday (3/24/2011) What's In A Name?

1) REO Speedwagon

2) Eurythmics

3) Bad Company


Golden Hits Radio & GHR-2's Burning Question of the Day

When Billboard magazine first published what became its Country chart in 1939, what was it called? 

Check back tomorrow at Everything Oldies for the answer, and leave a comment here with your best guess!

Yesterday's Burning Question (and Answer) of the Day

The music video for what song won the very first Video of the Year at the inaugural MTV Video Music Awards in 1984? 

Answer: "You Might Think" by The Cars 


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