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Today In Oldies 1/17/2012

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What's In A Name?

Many of the folks who made the music heard on Golden Hits Radio over the years did NOT perform under the name on their birth certificate.  This week, let's play another game and see how well you know the real names of your favorite 50's, 60's, and 70's hitmakers.  We'll give you the birth name and you drop us your answer in the Comment box below.  ***HINT: EACH ARTIST WILL PLAY SOMETIME TODAY ON GOLDEN HITS RADIO*** Here we go! 


1) Ernest Kador, Jr.            _______________________

2) Thomas John Woodward _______________________

3) Baldemar Garza Huerta   _______________________


Check back tomorrow @ Everything Oldies for the answer! 


Wednesday's "Works In Progress" Answers

1) The original title of a hit whose subject has been music's buggest mystery for years was originally "Ballad Of A Vain Man"


2) A worldwide 70's hit for ABBA had the working title "Billy Boy"


3) This Jackson 5 hit was originally titled "I Want To Be Free"


Golden Hits Radio's Burning Question of the Day

In a 1971 press conference, which superstar declared, "I don't go along with music advocating drugs and desecration of the flag. I think an entertainer is for entertaining and to make people happy."?

Come back to Everything Oldies tomorrow to find the answer, and leave a Comment below with your best guess!

Wednesday's Burning Question (and Answer) of the Day

Today in 1964, Billboard published its first Country & Western album chart.  Which album was the first to top that chart?

Answer:   Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire

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