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Today In Oldies 1/3/2012

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Revisionist History

Throughout history, sometimes someone is given credit for being the first to do something that he or she might not have done. It has always been an accepted fact that the first time The Beatles appeared on American television was February 9, 1964 on The Ed Sullivan Show. While it is true that the Fab Four did indeed appear in studio for the first time on American television that night, their actual first American TV guest shot in prime time came a full 37 days before they took up temporary residence at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York.

Another host with a prime time variety show that had a decidedly multicultural show was interested in giving his audience, which skewed decidedly more adult than The Beatles' audience at that time, a taste of what was happening in London at the moment. He sent over a crew to film the group's performance at the Winters Garden in Bournemouth, England and aired a portion of it on his program January 3, 1964.
While Ed Sullivan is given credit for bringing The Beatles to America for the first time, Jack Paar actually gave them their first American network television exposure 48 years ago today. From a 1986 career retrospective special on NBC, here is Jack Paar's recollection of that moment, along with the reminder that it was not Ed Sullivan who first introduced America to The Beatles..........

Golden Hits Radio's Burning Question of the Day

Which music legend was billed as "The Folk Music Fireball" when he performed in Booneville, Mississippi today in 1956?

Come back to Everything Oldies tomorrow to find the answer, and leave a Comment below with your best guess!

Tuesday's Burning Question (and Answer) of the Day

The U.S. Army allowed Elvis Presley a 60-day extension on December 27, 1957, so he could finish making which movie?

Answer: King Creole

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